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Back Pain

Most back pain is not due to a large accident. Back pain is more commonly due to small repetitive movements. Most repetitive movements are work related. Your job may require you perform the same move over and over and/or you are sitting at a computer desk for too many hours each day. The human body is an amazing compensator, but it has limits. When a part of our back gets locked up, another segment of the spine will compensate by doing more work. When that segment does too much work, it will lock up and another segment will compensate. You will eventually get to a point where the body can no longer compensate and that is when your back will fail.

Usually there is an event, such as picking up a laundry basket, that causes severe pain. That triggering event is the straw that broke the camel’s back, but the structural weakness was probably present for a while. How would chiropractic care help?

  • Adjusting the locked segments of the spine will reduce inflammation, muscle tightness, and pain
  • Adjustments will increase motion so you can start strengthening the spine again
  • Peel back the layers of compensation to address the source of the weakness
  • Incorporate quality of life changes to strengthen the stability of your back
  • Check the spine for compensations and address them BEFORE failure

Neck Pain

Most neck pain happens when our head is in a compromised position for long periods of time. Usually being at a computer, driving, and/or having forward head posture puts a strain on our neck. The average human head weights 10-11 lbs. and your whole spine helps distribute the weight of your head when your POSTURE is correct. When your head is forward your neck must hold the whole weight of your head! Overtime your neck approaches failure and that is when your neck locks up and/or starts hurting.

Chiropractic can help by:

  • Adjusting the locked segments of the neck to reduce inflammation, muscle tightness, and pain
  • Putting motion back into the neck to allow proper function and posture
  • Evaluating where the postural strain is coming from and how to correct it
  • Exercise the proper muscles to obtain better posture

Whiplash is common direct cause of neck pain. Usually sustained during car accidents, this is an extension-flexion injury that can occur in accidents at speeds as slow as 2.5mph. Being rear ended is the most damaging to the neck. Whiplash injuries can lead to acute and/or chronic pain

We can help by:

  • Ruling our fractures using our in-house x-ray unit.
  • Therapeutic mobilization and/or adjustments to start breaking the pain cycle.
  • Setting a rehab program


Headaches can happen for a variety of reasons. Chiropractic is a proven prophylactic (preventative) for cervicogenic type headaches and migraines.

A cervicogenic headache means the pain is being referred from another part of the body (usually the neck) and is not the source of the problem. Your headache could be from the postural dysfunction discussed in the Neck Pain section.

Chiropractic can help by:

  • Adjusting the locked segments of the neck to reduce inflammation, muscle tightness, and pain
  • Putting motion back into the neck to allow proper function and posture
  • Evaluating where the postural strain is coming from and how to correct it
  • Exercise the proper muscles to obtain better posture

Migraines can be vascular or neurological in nature. 80% of people who experience migraines do not have an aura and may be misdiagnosed.

Chiropractic helps because:

  • Adjustments have a major effect on the nervous system
  • The nervous system has an impact on blood flow
  • Headaches can be hard to diagnose and cervicogenic headaches may mimic migraines.

Shoulder Pain

The shoulder is a ball and socket joint which allows for a lot of mobility. High mobility areas are prone to injury due to lack of stability around the joint. Because the shoulder joint is so mobile, when areas are tight, such as the mid back, the shoulder is put under more stress to compensate. When you have a shoulder injury and when wanting to prevent injuries, stabilizing the shoulder complex is vital.

Chiropractic can help by:

  • Adjusting locked up areas so the shoulder is not compensating for them anymore
  • Identifying muscles weakness that needs to be strengthened to protect the shoulder joint
  • Analyzing form to stabilize the shoulder during over the head movement

Hand, Wrist, & Elbow

he hand, wrist, and elbow are common areas for nerve entrapment. Nerve entrapment as high as the neck could cause pain anywhere in the upper extremities. The place where it hurts is not always the place that the problem resides. Carpal tunnel syndrome, cubital tunnel syndrome, and sleepy palsy are examples of nerve entrapments in the upper extremities.

Hand, wrist & elbow treatments include:

  • Adjustments to give the nerves room and relax tight muscles
  • Biomechanical changes to take stress off the muscles and/or nerves
  • Rehab instructions to relax potential trigger points

Knee & Hip Pain

The hip, or pelvis, has two sacroiliac joints (SIJ). SIJ pain can be mistaken as low back pain because of its location. This joint connects your illum to your sacrum and the most common complaint in this area. If one SIJ gets locked up, the other SIJ will compensate by becoming more mobile. This causes unilateral imbalance in your biomechanics, which will lead to pain and dysfunction, when present for long periods of time.

How can Chiropractic help?

  • Adjustments to the locked joint to restore balance
  • Adjustments will decrease pain
  • Evaluation of pelvis to determine if a lift is necessary
  • Change biomechanics and/or strengthen weak muscles to maintain hip balance

The knee is a complicated area because of its location. Imbalance in the hips or the ankles will put a strain on the knees. Excess weight puts exponential pressure through the knee. Poor biomechanics with lifting, walking, or running easily affect the knee as well. How would Chiropractic help?

Adjustments at, above, or below the knee to increase stability and decrease pain

  • Adjustments to release tight muscles pulling on the knee
  • Instruct proper exercise form
  • Incorporate a muscle strengthening program to support the knee

Foot & Ankle Pain

The foot and ankle make up 33 joints. There is a lot of different joints supporting the whole weight of your body. It is important to make sure every joint is moving and is stable due to their large influence on the kinetic chain. It is important to, when dealing with sprained ankles, to introduce mobility as soon as possible.

Chiropractic helps by:

  • Adjustments to decrease pain and increase mobility
  • Gait analyses
  • Ankle sprain rehabilitation

What people are seeing

Jared & Kara

Jared had been fighting high blood pressure for a couple years and his primary care doctor was starting to talk about regulating with medication. Kara had severe headaches often and struggled to find relief. Kara was able to eliminate the use of pain killers that were previously needed to deal with her headaches. They had their doubts at first about chiropractic, but were able to see results in a reasonably short period of time. “The chiropractor has been a real blessing to our family! We have and will continue to recommend the practice to our friends.” Kara’s headaches began to diminish in the first couple weeks and were almost gone in two months time. After 6 months of care, Jared’s blood pressure was textbook normal.

five stars

Amanda had multiple health issues including neck, back, knee and rib pain, headaches, constipation, and TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint). 19 years old at the time, she had tried other methods of chiropractic treatment but was told she would never wait tables again. Amanda was taking Advil and Excedrin for her pain. It has been almost three years under chiropractic treatment and her constipation has improved immensely; TMJ is 80% better; back pain is 90% better and neck pain is 65% better. Amanda says “It might seem far-fetched, but the science backs up itself and you can’t argue with the results. I can’t emphasize enough that healing takes time.”

five stars

Nadyne came into the office with her head bent low down toward her chest and could not raise it any further. She said she’d been dealing with this for years and had seen a physical therapist for this problem. She hoped that chiropractic care would help. This would be her first time seeing a chiropractor in her entire life. She felt at home when walking into the chiropractic office and thought that everyone was easy to talk to. Through time and repetition, she has been able to hold her head up higher and can now look at someone’s face when talking to them. Nadyne’s son, Victor, also realized some changes with chiropractic as well.

five stars

Sandy suffered from left neck pain, and a her son, sinus congestion. Her neck pain was so severe that it would often keep her up through the night. She saw general practitioners in the past who would often prescribe medication to help with her symptoms. After starting care, Sandy was able to start noticing that she no longer had any neck pain after a month and a half. She loved coming into the office to see the warm smiles and rustic, genuine feel. She appreciated the soothing music and connection to her faith. Sandy was excited when her son started functioning better as well. She was able to get off of all of her medications and has been helped to a greater extent than she initially thought she would be.

five stars
Harper Family

We started seeing the chiropractor for a variety of the health benefits. I (Kara) was suffering from severe headaches 3 to 4 times a week; and I needed to take medication to manage the pain. I was also hoping that it would help with my hypothyroidism that was brought on by pregnancy. Our first examination was very thorough. The chiropractor explained what was causing our troubles and what he would do to fix it. Within weeks my headaches decreased and I felt better and more energized.

After a few months it was rare for me to get a headache and it continues to be that way! When the kids first started going it seemed like they were getting sick all the time. Soon after starting care all three kids seemed to be healthier. Within the first year they were only sick once and got well quickly. I was skeptical of chiropractic working for other health issues and meeting the needs of my family, but now I’m a firm believer in it and I strongly recommend it to all.

five stars

Darla, for over 20 years, sought help from “traditional” chiropractors for her lower back pain, leg numbness, headaches, and a burning in her shoulder. She found that those treatments only offered her temporary relief and the problems always came back. The pain got worse and affected her work and lifestyle. Like many people, Darla became adept at just dealing with the discomfort. As her symptoms began to worsen, Darla became more discouraged and came in for help. She was doubtful that she would be able to experience “lasting results.” After being under principled chiropractic care, she is now happy to report that she is no longer has the burning in her shoulder, and the lower back pain is almost non-existent. “My results are amazing and LASTING! I have truly enjoyed my care. I am grateful for my amazing results and thank God for bringing me to your office. I was getting depressed because of my deterioration of physical health and didn’t or couldn’t see a resolve to feel better. After a year (of care) I feel better than I have in the last five!” Darla is so happy with her results she enrolled all her kids and her mother under care.

five stars

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