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New Practice Member Paperwork

Potential Practice Members is expected to fill out New Practice Member paperwork online before his or her first appointment. This information is vital in creating your specific treatment plan and is the first step towards health.

Health Consultation

A one to one consultation will be performed, in an exam room, to discuss your medical history and current health concerns. The goal is to start gathering the pieces of the puzzle that constructs your health.

Medical Examination

A comprehensive Neuromusculoskeletal exam, including a state-of-the-art spinal scan, is performed to give us real time data to identify the source of your problems. These exams give us the baseline to your health that we will raise up together.

Further Diagnostics

Depending on the Medical History and current complaint, the doctor may require further diagnostic tests, such as X-Ray imaging. Further diagnostics will allows us to see the curvatures and asses structural integrity of the spine.

Report of Findings

This is the most important step in finalizing your individual care plan. The doctor reviews all the information and data gathered in the previous steps, before sitting down with you to explain the findings, recommendations, and goals of your treatment plan.

Start your Journey Towards Better Health

Using our advanced chiropractic technique, we begin specific, safe, and personalized care that involves no twisting, popping, or cracking. This technique prioritizes improving function and focuses on improving quality of life.

Health Benefits

Chiropractic care corrects the bone but it affects the nervous system. The nervous system controls every conscious and unconscious aspect of our body. Having a fully functioning nervous system is the goal of our treatments and has additional health benefits that may surprise you.

  • It works to counteract all the sitting you do
  • It eases muscle pain
  • It soothes anxiety and depression
Chiropractic Evaluation in exam room with patient
  • It relieves headaches
  • It improves sleep
  • It boosts immunity
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